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Birch White lamp (Style 1)
17” including white linen shade (2 avail.)


Sand lamp (Style 2) — SOLD, more soon!
18-1/2” including off-white linen shade


Sand lamp (Style 1) — SOLD, more soon!
23” including off-white linen shade


Stone Flathead lamp (Style 1)
16-1/2” including white linen shade


Pistachio lamp (Style 2)
20” including off-white linen shade


Pistachio lamp (Style 1) — SOLD, more soon!
18” including off-white linen shade

shade flathead.jpg

Each linen shade is custom-made with a rolled edge. The fabric has a beautiful texture and produces a soft glow, highlighting the ceramic base. Made in the U.S. Cloth-covered 18-gauge power cord.


Hardware is solid, cast brass, and left unfinished, so it will age over time. Sockets have a square, “paddle-style” key and are rated 250w. Note: smallest Style 1 lamps use a bulb clip instead of a harp.



email for pricing and details.